• Progressive Synthwave MiDi WAV
    April 11th, 2021

    Progressive Synthwave MiDi WAV

    Progressive Synthwave

    HiDERA | 12 August 2020 | 817 MB

    ..:: Elements & Patterns ::..

    Elements & Patterns: Progressive Synthwave is a one of a kind collection meshing synthwave and deep progressive house. Designed from the ground up by Erkka Lempiäinen (also known for his productions as half of Michael Cassette), this sample pack is an homage to both 80s nostalgia and throwback dance music. Featuring a detailed assortment of analog arpeggios, filtered synthesizers, and processed drums, this collection serves as an ideal toolkit for producers seeking to expand their sample arsenals into fresh territory.

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    • Garage M8 WAV
      April 11th, 2021
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Garage M8 WAV

      Garage, M8 WAV

      HiDERA | 12 August 2020 | 581 MB

      For a few sweet years at the turn of the century, UK garage ruled the clubs and radio waves. Rising quickly from underground to the mainstream thanks to its combination of R&B soul, feel-good vocals, bubblin’ MC lyrics and infectious basslines, it’s commercial pop success was relatively short-lived but the real truth is that as a vibe, it never went away. What was once a ‘London Thing’ has now truly spread globally in the intervening years, influencing numerous artists such as Disclosure, Four Tet, Burial and more and birthing multiple genres, including grime, dubstep, UK funky and modern bass music. In this collection, we’ve gone all-in, using many of the original synths, keyboards, and techniques of the time to create a truly authentic homage to UK Garage with a specific focus on late-nineties 2-Step and the pirate radio era.

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      • Deep Melodic House And Techno SAMPLES
        April 7th, 2021

        Deep Melodic House And Techno SAMPLES

        Deep Melodic House & Techno

        HiDERA | 4 December 2020 | WAV+MiDi:358.27 MB

        From deep and delicate to moody and melodious- Deep Melodic House & Techno is an excursion into the depths of contemporary techno and house offering 400+mb of analogue aesthetics, pared-back beats, full-fat basslines, sultry synths, and emotive music loops. Deep Melodic House & Techno offers an assortment of loops, drum hits, one-shots, and MIDI to deliver a genre-colliding collection tailored and tweaked for underground dance-floors worldwide.

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        • Tech Tips Vol.58 TUTORiAL
          April 5th, 2021
          Categories: Tutorials

          Tech Tips Vol.58 TUTORiAL

          Tech Tips Vol.58 TUTORiAL

          HiDERA | 5 April 2021 | 2.2 GB

          Following on from our popular ‘Synthwave Essentials’ Tech Tips we welcome back For a set of Tech Tip videos that focus on everything to do with House Music. Starting with how this ground-breaking genre came to be, we look at building the drums using some classic 909 hits before checking out the iconic synths used and creating some classic synth and bass patterns. We also look at how to get the right vocals to sit in the mix and making our tracks sound like they’re from that era using atmosphere and effects along with how to create our own tension building risers to get the floor pumping. If you’re looking to make your own classic house tracks then you’ve come to the right place!

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          • Studio One 5.2 Update EXPLAiNED
            April 5th, 2021
            Categories: Tutorials

            Studio One 5.2 Update EXPLAiNED

            Studio One 5.2 Update EXPLAiNED

            HiDERA | 5 April 2021 | 349 MB

            Comprehensive Studio One video tutorials! Learn all about the new features and functions added to the 5.2 update so you can use them effectively and creatively. Keep up to date and get the most out of this amazingly powerful DAW. These videos are for those who are already familiar with Studio One 5, but want to know about the new features added to version 5.2. If you are completely new to Studio One 5, check out Studio One 5 Explained® here. Eli greets you and starts at the beginning with a video on the new Arranger Track Sync Mode settings which are used for smooth synced rearranging of the playback order based on the Arranger Track sections in your song. Then you’ll learn how to use the updated Arrow Tool to edit note velocities, mute/unmute events, split note events, split note events and their part container, as well as glue adjacent notes together.

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            • Melodic Future Beat WAV
              April 4th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Melodic Future Beat WAV

              Melodic Future Beat

              HiDERA | 4 April 2021 | 471 MB

              Blending a fresh collection of forward-thinking sounds, Melodic Future Beat serves a diverse selection of futuristic sound design, with expertly crafted and processed music kits, synth loops, and drum loops. Get to grips with punchy drums, rumbling basses, neon-tinged melodics, backbeat grooves, and much more. Sitting halfway from edgy and experimental to the hazy and hypnotic, melodic future beat combines the best elements of chilled out beats and futuristic production.

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              • Dark Melodic Techno WAV
                April 4th, 2021
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Dark Melodic Techno WAV

                Dark Melodic Techno

                HiDERA | 4 April 2021 | 384 MB

                Dark, deep and expansive: Dark Melodic Techno explores the sound of techno through a curated collection of stomping beats, big-room basslines, and expansive melodic progressions across wav, midi, and one-shots. Get to grips with an extensive, authentic set of tools for the club for a no-frills take on the fundamentals of techno.

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                • This Is Our House WAV
                  April 1st, 2021
                  Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                  This Is Our House WAV

                  This Is Our House WAV

                  HiDERA | 01 April 2021 | 186.84 MB

                  From stomping TR-707 beats, nostalgic synth lines and rumbling sub basses to memorable chords, stabs and vocal shouts, this pack puts at your disposal various sound tools and inspirational starters. Especially If you are interested in a mellower and more subtle side of House music, this pack is like tailor-made for you! All sounds in this pack have been sourced from various analog and digital synths, ranging from Roland to Arturia and they have been just slightly treated leaving you enough headroom for further editing. We truly enjoyed making this sample pack, digging through house music heritage while adding contemporary touch, and we hope you will enjoy it too!

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                  • Left Coast House WAV SAMPLES
                    April 1st, 2021
                    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                    Left Coast House WAV SAMPLES

                    Left Coast House SAMPLES

                    HiDERA | 1 December 2020 | 290.65MB

                    HOUSE / 204 Loops / 65 One Shots

                    ‘Left Coast House’ puts the FUN into funky-ass beats. We’ve fired up a serious array of studio weapons for the boomptiest of audio beatdowns, including the Moog Sub Phatty, Juno 106, Yamaha DX7, Behringer’s excellent Model D and many more to deliver almost 250 essential loops and samples for your next house production. Inside the melodics and bass folders there’s a plentiful assortment of vibes to choose from – slinky Moog motifs, Jackin’ sub-lines, squelchy analogue leads, resampled and reworked funk and disco grooves and songstarter stacks with plenty of freaky filter action. In the drum loops folder, there are 14 all-new beats which are presented with broken out variants for total flexibility. Mix and match from here (or from the 25 additional tops and percussion loops) to create all-new grooves. To round things off, there’s almost 50 pinpoint drum hits plus a selection of disco-tinged fx and melodic oneshots.

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                    • Classic Detroit Techno SAMPLES
                      March 24th, 2021
                      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                      Classic Detroit Techno SAMPLES

                      Classic Detroit Techno

                      HiDERA | 23 November 2020 | WAV: 302.15 MB

                      Retro machine beats and raw analogue melodics printed to tape. Classic Detroit Techno takes us back to an era influenced by the 1980s and early 1990s retro-electro, thumping club drum grooves, deep and dubby chords, synth stabs and analogue mechanical sequences crafted, curated and designed to respect the sound of yesteryear with today’s forward thinking productions. Classic Detroit Techno offers a treasure trove of WAV, MIDI, drum hits and one-shots form an essential dancefloor collection. Classic Detroit Techno pulls out classic various pieces of analogue and retro hardware to craft an authentic collection of raw and pumping tools that capture the energy of the early days of techno. The highlight of the collection is cutting all the sounds to reel-to-reel tape and printed to vinyl, to further help recreate the sound of early Techno and Electro with warm and dusty sonics.

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