• Jun-6 V v1.0.1.1197 macOS-MORiA
    April 11th, 2021

    Jun-6 V v1.0.1.1197 macOS-MORiA

    Jun-6 V v1.0.1.1197 macOS

    MORiA | 11 December 2020 | 185.7 MB

    …::: AU, VST, VSTi, VST3, AAX, STANDALONE :::…

    Jun-6 V combines beautiful polysynth thickness with an ultra-easy interface to satisfy your analog needs from the very first note. Its simple controls, accessible creative features, and modern enhancements make it an essential keyboard that you’ll just keep coming back to. Chords that’ll shake the foundations, textures that’ll illuminate the sky, and unison bass that’ll leave your audience speechless. When you want instant mix-filling analog fatness, Jun-6 V is the answer. Your ticket to no-nonsense ‘80s synth glory.

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    • Polyrhythmic Metal Grooves Pack for BFD3
      April 11th, 2021

      Polyrhythmic Metal Grooves Pack for BFD3

      Polyrhythmic Metal Grooves Pack for BFD3

      P2P | 17.12.2016 | 13.7 MB

      FXpansion | Groove Pack | x86/x64 | WiN/OSX

      FXpansion and Dan Foord (Sikth, Krokodil) teamed up to produce a BFD3 Groove Pack loaded with progressive, modern and technical metal grooves. Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal contains more than enough grooves and fills for any songwriter to quickly create fully authentic technical metal drum tracks.

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      • Quanta v1.2.0 AAX AU VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN MAC LiNUX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE
        April 11th, 2021

        Quanta AAX AU VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN MAC LiNUX RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE

        Quanta v1.2.0 WiN MAC LiNUX

        SYNTHiC4TE | 11 December 2020 | 21 MB

        ..:: AAX, AU, VSTi, VST3, x86, x64 ::..

        Quanta, a new Granular Synthesizer plug-in for macOS and Windows (with an iOS version coming soon)

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        • Retrologue v2.2.20 AAX VST3 VSTi WiN x64
          April 11th, 2021

          Retrologue v2.2.20 WiN x64

          P2P | 03 February 2020 | 200 MB

          (Win64; AAX, VST3, VSTi)

          The flexible, intuitive Retrologue 2 emulates the warmth and fatness of classic analog synthesizers. Three virtual analog oscillators and a first-class set of filters produce a wealth of rich, inspring sounds; its adaptable arpeggiator, powerful modulation system and FX rack help make Retrologue 2 the first choice for producers everywhere.

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          • EZdrummer 2 v2.2.1 WiN MAC-V.R-R2R
            April 10th, 2021

            EZdrummer 2 v2.2.1 WiN MAC-V.R-R2R

            EZdrummer 2 v2.2.1 WiN MAC

            TEAM R2R | 2014.05.17 | WiN: 2.98 GB | MAC: 3.11 GB

            (Win32/64; AAX*, AU, RTAS, VSTi, STANDALONE)

            EZdrummer 2 takes drum production to a whole new level. It was designed to erase any technical barrier between you and your creativity and introduces several groundbreaking features for quick and easy songwriting. In EZdrummer 2, you can go from initial rhythmic idea to finished, mixed and customized drum track without ever leaving the program. This is without a doubt the best sounding, most intuitive and creatively gratifying software environment for drum production on the market – a perfect marriage of sound, form and function. Welcome to a new era of drum production for songwriters. Meet your new drummer!

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            • Superior Drummer v3.2.4 macOS-MORiA
              April 10th, 2021
              Categories: AAX, AU, Audio Software, VSTi, x64

              Superior Drummer v3.2.4 macOS-MORiA

              Superior Drummer v3.2.4 MAC

              MORiA | 10 April 2021 | 277.10 MB

              (64Bit, AU, AAX*, VSTi, STANDALONE)

              In addition to a massive library of raw sound material, Superior Drummer 3 introduces a unique design*, a streamlined workflow and countless features for powerful drum production in your computer. With Superior Drummer 3, you have control and creative power beyond the imaginable. Welcome to the future.

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              • Templetone v1.0 AU VSTi WiN MAC-DECiBEL
                April 10th, 2021
                Categories: AU, macOS, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

                Templetone v1.0 AU VSTi WiN MAC-DECiBEL

                Templetone v1.0 WiN MAC

                Team DECiBEL | 10 Apr 2021 | OSX: 873MB | WiN: 871MB

                Hip Hop Production Suite

                Vast collection of over 1.3GB of sounds. Choose between wild drums, bizarre 808’s, sorrow vocal chops, synthwave’y keys or fractious percussion instruments. All in one plugin. Our focus is to deliver Top 40 sound to you. That is why we have built TEMPLETONE. Featuring 106 instrument presets organised into 6 main groups: drums, bass, keys, percussion, vocals and various world instruments.

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                • Drumatic 4 v1.0.3 VSTi MAC-R2R
                  April 9th, 2021
                  Categories: macOS, VSTi, x64, x86

                  Drumatic 4 v1.0.3 VSTi MAC-R2R

                  Drumatic 4 v1.0.3 VSTi MAC

                  TEAM R2R | 29.10.2019 | 3.39 MB

                  ..:: VSTi Drum Synthesizer ::..

                  Drumatic uses a mix of subtractive, FM and graintable synthesis to get the best results possible.

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                  • Elka Panther v1.2.0 VSTi x86 x64 WiN-R2R
                    April 9th, 2021
                    Categories: VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

                    Elka Panther v1.2.0 VSTi x86 x64 WiN-R2R

                    Elka Panther v1.2.0 VSTi WiN

                    TEAM R2R | 29 October 2019 | 9.88 MB

                    (Win32/64; VSTi)

                    ELKA Panther was one of the most famous organs in 60s’ and 70s’ popular music. This is what ELKA said about the Panther Combo Organ in their 1960s’ brochure: “The PANTHER Combo Organ invites you to a new world of musical excitement. Compressed into her sleek, slender frame is a fantastic variety of thrilling organ sounds. The PANTHER is poised, waiting for your musical commands. Ask her for a biting, swinging attack and she’ll leap with ecstasy! Try her on solo and her tingling trebles will penetrate across the biggest room. Taunt this wildcat and her roaring bass tones will overwhelm the noisiest crowd. The PANTHER’s full-throated voice box houses all of the natural sounds of the orchestra, and she’ll mix them in an infinite variety of combinations to fit any mood. She’s a big theater organ, or a power-packed combo organ, or a pulsating solo organ, ready to respond instantaneously. Set her up in a couple of minutes and she’s ready for action! Rock ‘n roll, swing, jazz, or a ballad you name it and this transistorized cat will play it like no other organ in the world.”

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                    • Absynth 5 v5.3.4 WiN-V.R
                      April 9th, 2021
                      Categories: AAX, Audio Software, NI, NI, VSTi, x64

                      Absynth 5 v5.3.4 WiN-V.R

                      Absynth 5 v5.3.4 WiN

                      TEAM V.R | 09.04.2021 | 1.36 GB

                      AAX* / VSTi / STANDALONE / x64

                      ABSYNTH 5 is an exceptional synthesizer with unique sonic potential and 1,800 preset sounds. Its speciality is a limitless spectrum of unusual, evolving sounds created using the powerful, hybrid synthesis architecture and sophisticated modulation and effect system – resulting in sounds far removed from the everyday. What’s more ABSYNTH 5 is not just a synthesizer, but a powerful effect plug-in for treating audio tracks using the unique ABSYNTH 5 effects bank.

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